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Kinetic Tendency

kinetic tendency

Kinetic Tendency is a young and dynamic company that explores the new technologies, creating and developing innovative projects on Internet. By having an IT foundation, Kinetic aims having projects that recognize themselves in inovation and creation of more value both technological and social.

It was born as a response to the need of new forms of business making on the Internet, new forms of business that are not just limited to copying, plagiarizing and changing something that already exists.

Kinetic's goals are to create something truly new and innovative, something that makes the difference by the way how it is used.

In an increasingly demanding market and whose volatility requires continuous evolution and reinvention of products and services offered, our goal is to be the leader of the wave of innovation, aiming to expand our influence to several other business areas.

Kinetic Tendency develops financially viable and socially aware projects.

Tamanho: 1-10 funcionários

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